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Fuel For Professionals


Fuel for any two-stroke engine. Pre-mixed 50:1 with ASPEN fully synthetic two-stroke oil.
This clean burning fuel delivers performance that professionals demand.


Pure alkylate fuel ready for any four-stroke motor such as lawn mowers, snow blowers & pressure washers.
Your equipment will love you and reward you with low maintenance costs and easy start-ups every time!


High octane alkylate racing petrol for when maximum performance is required.
Use in classic rides, supercars, boats, go-karts, motorcycles and more…


100% renewable and fully biodegradable diesel, RME Free. Provides a clean fuel for construction and indoor applications while lasting 4x longer than pump diesel. Use in any kerosene heater or back-up generator. Soot free burn and filter friendly.

ASPEN Bio Chain Oil

Top grade Vegetable-based bar & chain oil that delivers anti-oxidative properties for long storage.
Outstanding lubrication & extreme weather condition durability to as low as -32*C

5-Year shelf life

99% Less harmful than pump gas

Easy Start Every Time

Simple & Safe

Time to switch fuels

Switch to a fuel better for you, your machine and the environment.

Where To Buy

      Fuel For Professionals

      Industries Served

      Lawn & Garden
      Oil & Gas

      ASPEN For Customers

      Your customers deserve the reliability and performance of ASPEN products. Residential and Commercial users will save big on equipment repairs while gaining valuable time & productivity. Users have peace of mind that their equipment will easily start after the long storage season. Customers are proud of their equipment, offer Aspen Fuel for any seasonal storage.

      ASPEN For Business

      Keep your business Ready-To-Go and your Assets Protected with ASPEN fuel. Use Aspen for indoor showroom units, protect your Rental Fleet and integrate into your service department offering. 70% of non-starting issues are related to poor quality fuel. Provide the fuel solution with ASPEN and deliver the best experience for end-users. Aspen is approved by top tier brands and engine manufacturers. When fuel reliability is an absolute must, ASPEN alkylate is the Solution.

      Join the ASPEN Dealer Network

      All over Canada, people benefit everyday when using ASPEN alkylate fuel. Achieve peak performance from your equipment while staying healthy with ASPEN burning at 99% cleaner than pump gas. Our dealer partners are fully supported with a reliable product supply chain & competitive business programs. Improve your customers product experience and loyalty when offering ASPEN Alkylate fuel.

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