B. Clay Tait, cpa.

President | bctait@taitdistributors.ca | Phone: 780-451-4321
Tait Distributors has grown and adapted to meet the changing demands of our market, but one thing has never changed: our unmatched commitment to delivering trusted knowledge and service.

Remo Lorenzetto

South Sales Rep. | remo@taitdistributors.ca | Phone: 780-999-7178
At Tait Distributors, we have gained the trust and confidence of our clients by providing them with the highest quality of Outdoor Power Equipment at a fair price for years!! Our excellent customer service, combined with fair prices, highest quality can attest to our success!!!

Justin Davey

North Sales Rep | justin@taitdistributors.ca | Phone: 780-722-9098
My Name is Justin Davey and I'm the Northern Sales Rep for Tait Distributors. Thank you for choosing Tait Distributors. At Tait Distributors we know that buying equipment is a big investment no matter who you are! So we like to take all the unnecessary steps out of the process and create the best convenience possible.

Andrew Myers

Parts, Shipping/Receiving, & Service | parts@taitdistributors.ca | Phone: 780-451-4321
We'll never make any promises that we can't keep - we do promise to put you on the right track when looking for parts or service or any questions you may have, And Why. Tait Distributors believes there are a few things that are important in any sort of business transaction. Trust, honesty, and fairness are exactly what you deserve.

Joy Holmes

Office Administration | admin@taitdistributors.ca | Phone: 780-451-4321
We believe that once you've let us work on your behalf, you'll understand the Tait Distributors difference, and won't ever settle for anything less. At this time we are aggressively growing our business with the current Quality Product Lines that we are offering.