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A mower for any job. For over 35 years, Country Clipper has built zero turn mowers for both lawn care professionals and residential homeowners. One of the original eight zero turn mower manufacturers in the OPE Industry. Known best for their patented Joystick steering & Flip-Up deck offered on ALL models. Whether you are a landscape professional or just mowing your own property, Country Clipper has a zero turn mower that will meet your needs.

Robust, Efficient & Safe! Tracmow is the King of RC Slope Mowers! Safely mow at 55*(degree symbol) slopes, conquering heavy brush, grass and obnoxious weeds. Tracmow slope mowers are remotely controlled from a distance of up to 650 ft away. Go places unfit for operator mounted equipment, keep your liability risk at a minimum & protect your valuable workforce. RTK GPS automated mowing navigation is available to maximize your time even further. Tracmow offer unique and versatile accessories to help with every job. No trailer is needed for Tracmow transportation; Tracmow can clear up to 1acre/hour of operation. Use Tracmow to Maximize your operations & get the job done right!

Fuel for professionals. 99% cleaner than petrol, Aspen alkylate fuel delivers perfect performance for your lawn mower, leaf blower, chainsaw, boat motor, snowmobile or ATV. Aspen is designed for those who demand the best the market has to offer. If you are looking for a storage fuel solution, here it is – Aspen alkylate comes with a 5-year shelf life!

Ambrogio Robot is the automatic lawn mower that cuts your grass, autonomously and in complete safety. The ideal solution for those who want a perfect lawn and more free time! Enjoy a lush & healthy lawn that requires no fertilizer or the bagging of grass clippings. Designed to manage any type of garden: from small yards to large complex acreages. Ambrogio Robot will free your time!


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Tait Distributors proudly offers premium quality brands & delivers dedicated after-sales support to our valued dealer partner network. Since 1979 our focus has been on building strong relationships with our valued dealer partners and quality manufacturers, to deliver the best experience possible. We offer a classic business experience built of trust, loyalty and experience. Call us today to discuss joining our successful dealer network, let’s build a successful business together!

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